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Our Story

We know that families are faced with choices for their children every day, and making the right choices when it comes to toys is often based on convenience of what is available and marketed. Choosing toys that do not support a child's development or lead to longer lasting play is not only going to make your play room cluttered and crowded, but also isn't going to support your child's natural development through each stage of their life. 

Bubbles & Chalk began out of a desire to source high-quality toys that support our values of age-appropriate creativity and movement, along with diversity of experiences. Upon searching for the kinds of toys that supported young children's development and these values, we were surprised to find very little of this kind of toy in our local community of El Dorado County.

We sell high-quality, engaging toys for young children because creative play is an essential and magical part of childhood. We are here to help you curate your child’s toys for creativity and movement. 

You know that feeling when you walk into the playroom and there are toys literally everywhere, and your children are whining that there is nothing to do? Yeah, we know that feeling too. It can feel so defeating to be in that cycle. You want your children to play and learn the important tools of childhood: problem solving, creativity, teamwork, number sense, letter sounds, and all the things. But how can we give them opportunities to learn those skills if they are spending all their time with toys that do most of the work?

Toys that let children play reinforce each stage of childhood, and allow them to express themselves creatively, get them moving, and engage deeper in play. We have searched near and far for toys that fulfill these expectations, and we know that with these carefully selected toys, your children will reach their highest potential, and enjoy a playful and creative childhood.