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What is Developmentally Appropriate?

Posted by Brecklyn Petrinovich on

This is a term used to describe expectations for children that fit their stage of life. Are you asking a two year old to sit and draw with a crayon for 30 minutes? Of course not, because that is not developmentally appropriate. But giving a two-year-old a stick of chalk and letting them scribble on the ground, walk around, and come back to scribble more is very developmentally appropriate. Each stage of development has its own increased level of ability, and each child will have their own expectations, suited to their own abilities. 

Here at Bubbles & Chalk this is a huge deal because we want to always be aiding in each step of a child's development. Is the baby starting to recognize when a parent or caregiver leaves? Then a mystery box toy and the peekaboo game are going to let them practice that separation in a safe and playful way. Is the child learning to cooperate or play with others? A beginner family game would be a fun way to support that. 

Do you have any questions about the term "developmentally appropriate" or what it means for your child? Please send us an email or leave a comment with your questions or thoughts! We'd love to hear from you! We are also available to answer any questions about which toys best suit each stage of development.